Cancer GONE!


Two days ago my next door neighbor L asked me to come over and pray for a friend of hers that was just diagnosed with cancerous mass on her ovary.  L had also been diagnosed with uterine cancer a few weeks ago and had asked me and my family to pray for her.   I spent a few minutes with her prior to praying just teaching her about what the Bible says about healing and that it is always God’s will to heal.  We prayed for her and in addition to receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues (Acts 2:2), she received a miraculous healing… the next morning the cramping and bleeding had stopped.  The doctor gave her his pathology findings a couple of weeks later that said this was indeed a miracle because the cancer was now GONE and there would be no need for chemo therapy. L is such a beautiful woman of God and was willing to go through whatever God wanted her to… including cancer and going home to heaven.  All she needed for her faith to grab ahold of her healing was to know that cancer and ALL sickness and disease is never God’s will.  She just needed to be taught what the Word says about God being a Healer.

When her friend D (who had just been diagnosed with cancer) heard about her healing she asked if I would be willing to pray for her.  I went over to Lanette’s 2 days ago and got to pray with D.  Before I prayed for her though I listened to what her thoughts were…. first, because a member of her family had been diagnosed with cancer, her doctors were proactive in testing her and her sisters often to make sure she doesn’t get cancer.  Second, while she believed that the enemy attacks us with sickness, she believed that God allows it.  And finally she was only asking God to shrink the tumor (not completely remove it).

I began to teach her what the Word says about healing… dealing with these 3 issues.  I explained to her that 2 Corinthians 5:17 says that once we are born again, we are in Christ and become a new creation.. the old has passed away and all things have become new.  I told her that one translation of John 1:13 says “out from the natural and corrupt DNA  and into the incorruptible DNA of the Father”…. we received the genetic code of the Father and that superior genetic code recodes the human spirit.  She isn’t bound to her family genetics because the DNA of Jesus is in her.  I explained to her that sickness cannot live in her body because Jesus lives inside of her!

Then I told her that God doesn’t allow satan to attack us…. Job was written pre Christ.  Jesus came and destroyed the works of the devil (Col 2:15; 1 John 3:8) and He gave us all power over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). We have the legal right as co-heirs with Jesus to be gatekeepers of our body and soul and are able to say NO to the enemy when he brings something against us that is contrary to God’s Word… contrary to what Jesus purchased for us at Calvary and through His resurrection.  

Finally I told her that God is the Healer and He heals completely… not partially!  He doesn’t want to just shrink a tumor and leave it there as a benign tumor.  God’s desire is to heal her completely…. removing ALL cancer and tumors and anything else misaligned in her body.

Then the most beautiful thing happened… as I was teaching her I watched shackles of unbelief and wrong teaching fall off of her.  As she grabbed ahold of the TRUTH that God is the Healer and of who she now is IN CHRIST, her declaration of faith with her hands lifted high was “I am no longer limited to just believing for shrinking (of the tumor) and am HEALED. I say no to the devil (to his attacks of sickness and disease) because now I am equipped!”  Her faith grabbed ahold of the Healer and made her whole!  We then laid hands on her and commanded cancer to leave her body and released the healing power of God into her.  She then also got baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:2).  Yesterday she messaged me that she went in for her ultrasound and told the technician “I’m looking for my miracle today… Jesus is in me.”  The ultrasound showed no tumor (not a shrinking but a total absence of it!)…. Cancer GONE!

I love being a co-laborer with God (1 Cor 3:9).  I love laying hands on the sick and watching them recover just as God said they would.  I REALLY LOVE teaching the Word of God though.  I love watching minds get renewed….shackles coming off…. seeing someone’s eyes light up because they just received the revelation on the inside that they are FREE!  Free from all sickness, disease, poverty, sin and death… free from the curse of the law because Jesus took all of those curses for us (Gal 3:13).  

When it seems God doesn’t answer prayers…….

I was rejoicing on Facebook about these two miracles and a dear, sweet friend of mine commented that she wished prayer had worked for her (I know that some of her family members had been diagnosed in the past with cancer and died).  That broke my heart.  I didn’t know what to say to her to comfort her.   I know that sometimes people die even after we pray for them.  I don’t know why… I don’t have an answer for that.  What I do know is that when something doesn’t happen the way I thought it should… when it SEEMS like God didn’t hear my prayers…. when if FEELS like God doesn’t care about my situation…. I know to fall back on what I do know…to fall back on TRUTH…instead of what my circumstances are screaming at me.

Fall back on what you do know….

I know that God is the Healer and that it is His will… His desire… for us to be healed.  Jesus took sickness and disease on His body so that we don’t have to….. so that we could walk sickness free… disease free.  I know that when I pray His will He ALWAYS hears me (1 John 5:14).  I know He ALWAYS cares about me – He promised to NEVER leave me nor forsake me (Heb 13:5).  I know that He said to pray unceasingly….. to pray even when circumstances look like prayer isn’t working.  I know that as hard as death is to understand… and much as we may miss someone…. I know that the pain and grief of death will not conquer.. will not overpower us (Ps 91:10).  All I know to say to my friend is to KEEP PRAYING… KEEP BELIEVING GOD…. KEEP HOPING…KEEP WALKING IN THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD…. AND KEEP DRAWING CLOSER TO GOD.  

And allow Him to transform you…..

I haven’t always had my prayers answered either.  But I’ve found that as I continue to press into the Word… to know Him more intimately… to share in the fellowship of His sufferings by learning what His death laid hold of for me… to know Him in the power of His resurrection…. as I pursue Him… behold Him… that I am being transformed into His image and learning how to pray with His boldness, His authority and with His faith and my prayers are being answered more often.

I no longer pray “hit and miss” prayers… I’m learning to say what my Father says and do what my does… to pray what I hear Him saying and see Him doing.  I’m learning to pray what the word says… to pray from my position of IN CHRIST… to release through my prayers what He purchased for me.  No longer asking God to do what He has already done through Jesus but declaring with all boldness what belongs to me IN CHRIST.  I don’t pray “my fears” but I pray “in faith” the answer to whatever the problem is…. not asking mountains to move… not hoping they move… but COMMANDING them to move.

~ Robin


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